These Occupations Can Survive The Modern Age

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In this modern era, science has made numbers of inventions that can help our life easier than ever. These advancements eventually affect every industry, which creates a more efficient working environment. However, there’s a catch to this change. More people are losing their jobs due to the circumstance. The good things, there are some occupations that can survive this modernization and you’ll find the list below.

  1. CEO

Being a leader is not a job that can be easily replaced by any technology. It requires creative thinking and a set of other abilities that can only be performed by a real human being. Some techs may support the job of a CEO, but they can never the full job of it.

  • IT experts and System administrators

Technology would be related closely to an information technology field and its system administration. Though technology can go on automatic mode, it still needs help from people to make it better.

These occupations are also considered as the most secure position nowadays. The reason is that technology always requires improvement to keep it automated. Moreover, without the presence of IT experts and system administration, better technology improvement would never happen.

  • Managers of the production division

Though the manufacturing industry has applied automated machinery, which reduced the needs of human to operate them. However, the production process cannot be left uncontrolled. The presence of a production manager can ensure the manufacturing process works as expected.

  • Medical experts

Health condition can differ from one person to another. Furthermore, other factors may provide a bigger influence on one’s health. Thus, it is unlikely that the job of medical experts can be replaced by any technology yet.

  • Graphic designers

Creativity is one of the many good properties of the human mind. Any tools or machines can only be taught to create existing designs. However, the human mind can do more than replicating something that already exists. This rule also applies to the creative industry in which a graphic designer has a major role in it. You can expect a graphic designer to design things that cannot be done by machines.

  • Writers

Another job that closely related to the creative industry is a writer. This job requires good observation and skill to combine it with personal experience of the writer. The writing process should also fit a certain targeted audience.

  • Marketing specialists

A marketing expert should understand his product, the place he should be selling, the right price to tag, and how to create the right promotional campaign. These four needs a strategy that can only be performed by a person. This person has to find the right answer to overcome any obstacle that can obstruct a successful marketing plan.

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