6 ways in which you destroy your branding without realizing it

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Building a brand in this modern era can be quite complicated. There are a lot of companies that can’t do the right way to build their brand. Instead, they slowly killing their brand just by doing the same mistakes. You don’t have to experience the same thing if you try to avoid these 6 ways which can save your company from collapsing.

Before we discuss further, there’s a case that worth to know about how destructive social media can be to a brand. Once, a musician named Dave Caroll went on a flight with United Airlines. In the flight, he also carried his $3500 Taylor guitar.

After landing in Nebraska, Caroll found out that his guitar was broken. He demanded compensation for the airline’s negligence. However, UA management ignores Caroll’s demands. Afterward, Caroll wrote a song, which described his experience with the UA. 4 days after its release, the UA stock dropped dramatically. The UA realized its mistake. Therefore, they provide Caroll some compensations. They replace his broken guitar with the most expensive Taylor guitar and give him a free UA ticket for life.

  1. You do not have a clear purpose

Why do you want to build your brand? It is an essential question to consider as you define your voice and your goals. Too many people start trying to build their brand with the vague objective of wanting to “become an influencer”. Too often, this results in a complicated situation in which you try to be everything for all people.

  • You get involved in shameless self-promotion

Building a brand will obviously require a good amount of self-promotion. Too much self-promotion will be lost in the advertising mix. Some experts recommend that you only use 10 percent of your posts (or conversations) to self-promote. With the rest of your time, highlight interesting facts or industry news through social networks and blogs, while sharing your perspective.

  • You mix with the masses

Emphasizing your education and past work experience is not a bad thing; It is often necessary to start building credibility. But, in most industries, this will not differentiate you.

  • Sub-deliveries again and again

Too many companies have fallen into the trap of excessive promises and insufficient delivery. This can easily happen with your brand if you are not careful. While you may not promise your followers a new product, they still have certain expectations of you as you develop your influence online.

  • You have bad habits in social networks

These days, social networks are a key part of building your brand.

This is especially true for those who hope to become thought leaders in their niche. But, if you have spent some time on the internet, you know how easy it can be to get sidetracked in a controversial debate. It is better to stay away from these sensitive issues.

  • You are inconsistent

Consistency is essential when developing a marketing strategy for a company. Should not you be so consistent in developing your brand? Without consistent messages and actions, you lose a sense of identity. Worse, you can easily lose credibility and confidence.

As you learn to recognize these bad habits and take steps to correct them, you can build a strong brand that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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8 ways to get new attendees for your events

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For most event organizers or business owners, increasing the number of attendees and customers is the greatest concern. After all, this is what allows bills to be paid, right? If you’re thinking about attracting new people to your project, keep reading this article! Here you have 8  ways to get new participants for your events.

According to respondents who participated in the Trends in the Events World report in 20study on the industry trends of events in 2019,  one of the biggest challenges for event organizers is getting new attendees. What can you do to face these difficulties? Here are some tips:

  1. Change the perception that attendees have of your event

One of the simplest steps you can take to attract a new group of people to your event is to adjust the message you’re throwing to the public. A great example of this is Pride in Hull, which managed to increase its attendance from 9,000 to 50,000 people in three years by redefining itself as something for the whole family.

Matt Walton, president of Pride in Hull, commented that this incredible increase in the number of attendees in a short time was largely due to the fact that we took a big step forward in our marketing, changing the perception of what and for whom this event was.

  • Divide by segment the messages you send about your event

If you are trying to attract all kinds of audiences with a single type of message, you may not generate any impact due to the weakness of the content. One solution to this is to divide the events into sections that draw the attention of specific audiences.

Segmenting means dividing a large group of people into smaller groups and you can do based on common issues such as geographical location or hobbies. The division of your assistant’s segments lets you use custom promotional messages that will facilitate the public will remember and want to repeat.

  • Adapt the format of your event

If you organized events unfold in a traditional format, some changes could help attract a different audience.

For example, imagine that you organize an event for students similar to AULA, where the objective is for the different universities, public or private centers, and study entities to show their options. In this case, you can attract the public with more creative activities where they can show skills in fields such as painting, music or theater.

Another option for an event of this type could be to create workshops to create a CV in the video, speeches by entrepreneurs. 

  • Expand the program of your event

Events such as the Madrid Book Fair put into practice the idea that expanding the program of activities can attract new followers.

In addition to gathering publishers, booksellers and authors every year, in each edition they choose a guest country that is presented at the event, through its literature and cultural activities that discover the country to the visitors.

This action can help attract new visitors to your event, who are interested in this alternative activity that escapes the general lines.

  • Join local businesses

Joining forces with other businesses and local organizations is a great way to access new customer bases.

Having different local businesses as allies related to the theme of your event is a very effective way to reach new people who can become attendees of your event. For example, if your event is about music and gastronomy, contact local wineries to organize a wine tasting where you can present your brand on the following days.

Remember to have your objectives well defined and what counterpart you will offer to your local partners.

  • Diversify your offer of activities

Your big event, the main one, has a very specific theme: music, for example. But you can diversify your offer of activities to attract the new public by holding a series of mini-events that mobilize different profiles of people. Following the example of a music event, you can organize an acoustic session, a costume party or a reading with musical accompaniment. All these options will take your name to new people who can become ticket buyers.

  • Make your event easy to share

You must be where your audience spends more time, and that is social networks. It facilitates the purchase of tickets from applications such as Facebook or Instagram, places that many people use to discover events. In addition, it works so that word of mouth helps you get from veteran assistants who liked your last edition to new profiles that trust the word of a friend or an influencer rather than the publicity that you do directly.

  • Turn your event into an interactive plan

People love trying new things, especially if it’s something they would not normally have the opportunity to do. Suppose you have to organize a sporting event, create experiences that add up can make a difference and attract new audiences.

What kind of ideas can you apply? For example, a  virtual reality experience for people to experience a football game as if they were their favorite players or a ride on the replica of the bus that carries their favorite athletes.

There are many things that you can do to reach your potential audiences. You can either plan your event yourself or you can ask for professional help. Satu Matahari is a great resource to help you with your event.

With years of experience within the industry, Satu Matahari has provided help to multiple companies in various niches. You can expect the best result from Satu Matahari.  Our friendly staff will be at your service to communicate the perfect plan that suits your needs

Now that you know how to get new attendees for your event or clients for your business, you can continue to learn other tips from our articles keys to organize and promote the best events and projects that can boost your business to the next level.

These Occupations Can Survive The Modern Age

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In this modern era, science has made numbers of inventions that can help our life easier than ever. These advancements eventually affect every industry, which creates a more efficient working environment. However, there’s a catch to this change. More people are losing their jobs due to the circumstance. The good things, there are some occupations that can survive this modernization and you’ll find the list below.

  1. CEO

Being a leader is not a job that can be easily replaced by any technology. It requires creative thinking and a set of other abilities that can only be performed by a real human being. Some techs may support the job of a CEO, but they can never the full job of it.

  • IT experts and System administrators

Technology would be related closely to an information technology field and its system administration. Though technology can go on automatic mode, it still needs help from people to make it better.

These occupations are also considered as the most secure position nowadays. The reason is that technology always requires improvement to keep it automated. Moreover, without the presence of IT experts and system administration, better technology improvement would never happen.

  • Managers of the production division

Though the manufacturing industry has applied automated machinery, which reduced the needs of human to operate them. However, the production process cannot be left uncontrolled. The presence of a production manager can ensure the manufacturing process works as expected.

  • Medical experts

Health condition can differ from one person to another. Furthermore, other factors may provide a bigger influence on one’s health. Thus, it is unlikely that the job of medical experts can be replaced by any technology yet.

  • Graphic designers

Creativity is one of the many good properties of the human mind. Any tools or machines can only be taught to create existing designs. However, the human mind can do more than replicating something that already exists. This rule also applies to the creative industry in which a graphic designer has a major role in it. You can expect a graphic designer to design things that cannot be done by machines.

  • Writers

Another job that closely related to the creative industry is a writer. This job requires good observation and skill to combine it with personal experience of the writer. The writing process should also fit a certain targeted audience.

  • Marketing specialists

A marketing expert should understand his product, the place he should be selling, the right price to tag, and how to create the right promotional campaign. These four needs a strategy that can only be performed by a person. This person has to find the right answer to overcome any obstacle that can obstruct a successful marketing plan.

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8 Ways To Reach More People With Specialized Events

Having an event that belongs to a very specific specialty can be a great advantage when it comes to attracting a faithful follower. The marketing niche has less competition events and direct advertising sector in which your event moves can be easier.

What is the disadvantage? That this market can be limited and you will have to find new ways to reach your audience to continue achieving success year after year with your event or specialized business.

  1. Invest time and resources in search engine optimization (SEO)

When people are looking for an event or business to go to, the first place they go is to Google.

For niche events with little or no competition, having the user read your name at the top of the list is quite simple. The challenge is to find people who are interested in your event but still do not know you exist.

To expand your audience, you need to optimize your website and / or the ticket sales page of the event for the relevant search terms. For example, you can optimize your page for people looking for something as concrete as “Santander, family surf lessons” or “Barcelona, ​​an outdoor theater show”.

  • Use proper wording to diversify your audience

If you want to expand your audience, you will have to examine the language you use in your marketing campaigns to modify it according to the interests and peculiarities of your audience and attract new attendees.

For example, if the audience that regularly attends your event or business are men between 30 and 40 years old and want to diversify, you should create content with images and inclusive language to attract more women and adapt the terms you use to the rank of age you want to attack.

  • Generate expectation through the marketing of experiences

For an event or idea to have an impact, people must live the experience. If you want to expand your audience and get new people to buy tickets for your event or main business, you can organize smaller and free events that encourage people to come to your brand and see what it is about.

If organizing additional events is too big a task for you (or your budget), you can consider creating a demonstration, tasting or tasting, in another event that attracts a crowd similar to the one you wanted to reach. For example, if you have an organic wedding organization business, it would be very useful to have a stand at a sustainable life event fair, which complements your business philosophy without being your competition.

  • Contact influencers linked to the sector of your niche event

Influencer marketing (partnering with influential people in social networks) offers a great opportunity to reach new audiences. A high percentage of consumers trust more in an event, product or business than an influencer recommends than in a traditional advertisement.

The normal thing is that you do not have problems to locate people willing to talk about your event for a price, but for the investment to be useful they must direct the traffic to the page of your event.

Before contacting an influencer you must make sure that your interests and values ​​align with your interests and values, and after signing up for the publicity of your event, follow up on the results obtained to know if it is worthwhile to use them again this option in the future.

  • Discover the micro-influencers within your followers

Your followers on social networks and veteran attendees of your event can become your best speakers. Within this audience, you can discover some people who have an influential opinion (micro-influencers) with the ability to influence the purchase of new public tickets.

Due to its hyper-localized profile, the micro-influencers that follow your event or business can be a very effective help in converting followers into event attendees. Search and contact with this type of influencers to see if they are willing to help you spread your event or business within their circles in exchange for VIP tickets, free passes or the consideration you agree.

  • Take advantage of the communities and groups in social networks related to your event

People love to bond with other people who share their passions and interests, and it is possible that your niche or specialty already has a local community where you can promote yourself. Search for groups in social networks or different applications where events are found ( Meetup, for example) and share your event or business.  

If you are already well integrated into the local scene, you can also use the search for new groups to find communities that have interests linked to your event or business. For example, if you organize a medieval fair and you are already known by fans of this type of event, you can broaden your audience by approaching medieval-themed role-playing communities or organize theme parties for Game of Thrones fans.

  • Create a blog and collaborate with others

Do you consider yourself an expert in the specialized sector where your event or business is moving? If not, you could demonstrate everything you know with a content marketing strategy. Create a blog on your website and contact others in your field to see if they are interested in having guest entries on your blog.

This action will not only improve your search results (new quality content is essential to improve SEO), but it can also help you expand your reach by reaching new readers who can become assistants.

  • Make it easier for followers to find your event

To reach more attendees and increase attendance at your event it is necessary to be on the mobile phones of your target audience. What does this mean? That your event or business should appear in the applications that your audience uses on a regular basis from their mobile devices: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

The people most likely to attend your event are already looking for a new live experience, so you should let them discover you in the places where they are looking for new plans.

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Don’t Make This Promotional Mistake Like Fanta

Fanta Klassik (pict by inspiredot.net)

Who wouldn’t know this beverage brand. Most people may have tasted Fanta at least once in their life time. However, behind the success, Fanta also experienced horrible moment in its way to being famous.  To figure that out, we should look back to the past of Fanta.

Fanta product was first made during the World War Two in Germany’s Coca-Cola Company. The brand was born since the Coca-Cola Headquarter in America decided to ban its company in Germany after the Pearl Harbor bombing. This decision has forced the Germany’s Coca-Cola Company to come up with new product to fulfil the local market demand.

Due to its success, after the world war ends, Fanta was relaunced in Naples, Italy. Afterward, Fanta created more products and gain more fame. However, the road to victory always has its own  obstacles and this setback happened to this beverage brand in its 75th anniversary.

As a part of its celebration, Fanta released a video with a Good Old Times theme. Fanta was meant to take its fans to remember the fun in their childhood. However, the public had different point of view to the  campaign. Instead of bringing back the lovely memories, the advertisement reminded them about the nightmare of holocaust during the Nazi era.

The solution of this problem was obvious. Fanta stopped the advertisement after getting a huge amount of negative review about it. Though it was a dark moment of a great brand, we can draw one good lesson from it. We must consider the effect of any business promotional campaign to the public.

You can avoid this mistake by creating a well-planned campaign or you can simply use the help of an agency with excellent work history and a team of great expertise. If you are interested to create your own business campaign, you might want to check on the following tips:

  1. Check on the trends

The easy way to attract the public attention is to provide something that goes with the trends. It wo n’t matter if you use available ideas in the market as your inspiration. But keep in mind that you should put your own idea to create a more personal campaign.

  • Get online

Internet is the best tool to build a successful campaign. Moreover, you will have the freedom to target your market effectively. If you haven’t figure out how to use the internet for your needs, then you should start to educate yourself about it.

  • Provide benefit

Rather than spamming your brand to every person, you might want to give something useful to the community. For example, if your business is in health industry, you can share various health information and tips. When the public decided that your campaign is trustworthy, people will acknowledge your business.

Those are 3 simple tips to build a successful campaign for your business. If you don’t have a clue on where to start, you can always request for professional help. So, if you want to hold any kind of event, as a part to promote your business, always remember that Satu Matahari can help you to plan, promote, and execute your event campaign efficiently.


When you organize a professional event one of the most important things is to choose the best speakers. Why? Their names and specialties will be the demand for your assistants to want to buy an entry and be in the conferences or workshops that your speakers give.

Take note, that we tell you how to choose the perfect speakers.

How to choose the best speakers for your professional event

To choose the perfect speaker for your professional event you have to record three fundamental words: relevance, objective and influence.

And you will ask … what do they mean? Here is the definition that you are interested in knowing:

Relevance: A renowned speaker, known inside and outside the sector of your event, is a claim of 10 for the attendees, but … does it make sense? If you have access to an influential speaker but do not have quality information to contribute to your event, do not force your presence just by having someone “famous”. The objective is that your assistants have relevant content, not an autograph.

Purpose: You must be clear about the purpose to achieve with each speaker. For example, the keynote speaker will create expectations among attendees and set the tone of the event. On the other hand, the speaker who opens the talks after lunch will have to be someone dynamic that awakens the audience with a topic that does not require maximum concentration.

When you organize the agenda with the speakers you must take into account the style of each one, the purpose of your presentation and the schedule that you assign. Everything counts to get your assistants to repeat the experience.

Influence : In addition to finding speakers with excellent communication skills, a great speaker has to build trust with the attendees enrolled in your event and that his career serves to persuade the public that still has doubts.

Find people with influence in social networks and a solid reputation. Your event should have influencers of the professional sector.

What profiles of speakers can you find at a professional event?

The relevance, purpose and influence are the keywords you should have a professional speaker event, and those qualities can be found in various types of speakers.

There are several categories of speakers that you can easily recognize, attentive to the descriptions and decide which of them you want to sign.

  • The expert in the field: Expert speakers in the field are ideal for specialized conferences. This type of professional is up-to-date with the news in the subject that he deals with and brings a fresh vision that makes the difference.
  • The famous lecturer: There are speakers who are famous among the professional sector and outside it. These names are very interesting to keep in mind because they give visibility to the event, but remember not to force and invite one of these speakers if you do not provide relevant information to your event.
  • The artist: Sometimes your event gains interest if you invite an unexpected artist, it can be a musician, a writer, a comedian … Maybe it is not closely related to the topic that is dealt with in the professional event, but if you find a point of union with your project, serves as a wonderful evasion to the attendees.
  • The influencer : Not all influencer are on Instagram and they are less than 30 years old. In this category there are from established authors to YouTube stars. They are people with millions of faithful followers who will attend an event that bears his name. In professional events the fan effect can also be used.

Where do I find the best speakers?

Now that you know what a speaker should have and what profile he may have … where can you find them?

  1. Surveys among the attendees . Why do not you ask attendees what professionals would like to hear at your event? This way of deciding who your speakers will be offers information about the interests of your assistants and perhaps leads you to contemplate names that you did not have in mind.
  2. Internal members, partners and sponsors . It is a normal practice for employees and organizing members to speak at their events . The possibility of offering a talk is also extended to partners and sponsors. This type of speaker is the easiest to assure, because they are people involved in advance in which this project goes well.
  3. eye! Do not fill your agenda with lectures given by internal staff, because attendees may think that your event does not have a budget to hire external speakers or that you are taking advantage of the occasion to record a spot of the company, and this image does not interest you to project it.
  4. Open call for proposals . One way to meet great speakers with good ideas is to open a call with the theme of your event and to sign up the speakers who want to participate.
  5. If you are looking for a type of speaker with specific characteristics, make it clear in the call and carry out an advertising campaign so that this proposal reaches the largest number of interested professionals.
  6. Databases. You can find a lot of potential speakers from a database. This database can come from your own list of speaker candidates from previous events.
  • Professional publications  Academic journals, specialized news websites and professional blogs are good platforms to discover the speakers who can bring interesting information to your event. Try to keep a database up to date with the most relevant publications and the names that are repeated in them, there will be your best speakers.
  • Professional social networks  Social networks such as YouTube or LinkedIn are a window for great speakers who show videos with their conferences and post their own publications. Discovering your speakers on social networks will help you to get an idea of ​​the level of followers that move and what their specialty and style is.

Remember that it is essential to give dynamism to your event to know what is the style of each speaker to organize their participation at the time of the day that best fits with the attendees.

Find the perfect speaker and when you have all the names, organize the agenda of your professional event looking for your attendees to have balanced and dynamic days. And do not forget that before launching an event, whatever the type, strategic planning is essential . You can also avoid the hassle to find the right speaker for your event by using professional help like Satu Matahari. We strife to provide you with the best event organizing team ever.

This Is One of The Finest Automotive Exhibition in 2019

If you don’t have any agenda this weekend, you should come to one of the best automotive exhibition in Indonesia, the Indonesia International Motor Show 2019. The show, which is going to be held from 25 April to 5 May in JIExpo Kemayoran.

IIMS will come up with a carnival concept that will bring hundreds of exhibitions and communities of various types of vehicles. The party and the demonstration will be centered on the “Center Piece of Carni”.

One of the main event in IIMS 2019 is the Indonesian Custombike Expo & Championship, a national 2-wheeled custom contest. This contest is divided into several classes, namely Free For All, Caferacer, Chopper & Bobber, Tracker, and Choppy Cub.

Famous car companies participated as IIMS 2019 exhibitors, such as BMW, Chevrolet, Datsun, HASCAR Authorized General Distributors for Jeep, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, etc. Also present were motorcycle exhibitors involving Aprilia, Benelli, BMW Motorrad Indonesia, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Kymco, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio and Vespa.

IIMS 2019 presents the Motorsport Zone with a variety of spare parts and activities related to the racing world. In addition to the exhibition, IIMS 2019 also prepares educational elements for visitors. In order to support the development of electric cars in Indonesia, IIMS 2019 presents the Formula Racing Championship, 25-26 April 2019, to provide opportunities for national children who have achievements in the automotive sector, especially electric cars.

Not only featuring motorbikes and cars, for the first time IIMS will showcase various forms of ships and Highway Off Trucks (large trucks).

Regarding entrance ticket rates, it will be the same price as the previous entrance ticket price. Ticket prices on weekdays such as Monday to Thursday will be charged a fee of IDR 50,000, while on Friday to Sunday a price of IDR 70,000 per person will be applied.

Even this year, 2019 IIMS Telkomsel dared to set a target to bring about 530 thousand visitors with transaction value reaching 4.4 trillion rupiah. Not arbitrary, this value is seen from the positive increase from year to year in terms of visitors and transaction prices.

The IIMS 2019 will be undoubtly an event that is well-planned to avoid any major mistakes that could lead to great failures. This is one proof of a good event organizer with vast amount of experience.

The good thing is that there are more event organizers with the same or even better skills to plan an event. Satu Matahari is one example of event organizer with vast experience in holding great events. With the help of fully skilled team, you can leave your event planning and execution to the right hand.

Either it’s a meeting, incentives, conferencing, or exhibition, Satu Matahari can provide the help you need to hold a successful event. Communicate your problems with us through the contact us page or send us email, we would gladly  provide the best solution that suit your needs. So, have you got the right help for your event?

How to successfully organize an event online

Despite the accelerated pace of technological advances, the business world continues to revolve on the axis of interpersonal relationships. For this reason many independent people and large companies resort to the realization of online or offline events, to create a large network of professionals or networking, establishing employment relationships, strategic alliances, business ties and even friendships.

In order to see our project grow and expand the presence and reach of our brand, sooner or later we must resort to these meetings, whether as organizer, sponsors or participants. If you are one of those who want to maximize the benefits, you will need help with the first steps to create an online event as provided in this article.

The Marketing of an Online Event

The first thing that must be defined is a clear idea of ​​what we seek to achieve with the event. Generally, the goal is to have a pleasant impact on the participants, generating purchase actions and thus increase our conversion. Of course, this must be achieved without abandoning the values ​​and essence of the brand, on the contrary, we must take advantage of the realization of the event, show our essence as a brand and the products or services we offer.

If we want to conquer a specific public or sector, and we also want to market a product outside the traditional, we can choose online events and show the benefits that the product offers to our customers.

The alternatives of creating online events such as webinars, virtual rooms, conferences in live stream, hangouts, among others, have the immediate benefit of lowering costs and expanding the market (people can attend from anywhere in the world, without leaving home) , but we must take into account a number of factors if we want to make an outstanding and successful event, which will impact users.

  1. Create a name that impacts and sells

If you want to captivate and attract the attention of your target audience, which tends to disperse quickly, due to the number of events that exist today, you should take advantage of the first day you launch the event, use a striking name and make sure it meets expectations created.

  • Be visual

Great experts agree on this point. To attract attention and generate expectation, nothing better than to capture the attention of your eyes . You can make an audio-visual of a minute or less, where you share the information of your event and “sell” it to the public, the main reason for this recommendation that does not spend more than a minute, if it is a video to sell your product you must attract it in the first moment, with a clear and concise message. This material can be disseminated through most mass media and digital, such as social networks, website, blog, among others this will help ensure a significant impact on virtual communities.

  • Take advantage of networks

Yes, social networks again. These platforms are vital to spread and viralize our message, and we can also exploit the capabilities of sites like Periscope or Facebook Live to give live information and give an opening of the event, or you can use Twitter to constantly generate information about it, use Instagram to show images and videos that seduce the public, and why not use snapchat?

To attract a young audience and willing to participate in an online event that contributes. The important thing is to cover all the necessary networks , and to define an exclusive action plan for each of them, for this you can read this post on how to create a publication plan.

  • Generate expectation

Many will overlook your online event at first glance, but it is your job to make this change. How? Create expectations or intrigues around the occasion, either by promoting those involved (the speakers or special guests), conducting contests through social networks, spreading campaigns that sow the unknown in the public, among others. The possibilities are endless, it is in you and your creativity, in exploiting and taking advantage of each trend.

  • Do not risk with the infrastructure

Imagine that half of the most anticipated live stream, the internet connection drops, or worse, a blue screen appears on your computer. The online events fall fully into a good infrastructure and technical support , so you must devote the necessary technological resources and achieve a solid base, which allows you to make your event worry-free.

Note: This point may leave you with some concern regarding monetary terms, but calm, many times we will not need an exaggerated budget to hold an online event. There are economic options and even free to develop our ideas, such as Google Hangouts On Air, where we can broadcast live via YouTube to the number of participants we want. Of course, if we seek to create something memorable, we will have to pay a little more.

  • Record the event

Many of the registered people will not be able to attend the call, but that is not the reason why we should forget them. Whenever the modality allows it, record all the possible material or document it in some way . Later you can offer this content to those who could not attend, and even to those who did not know about the event until after it happened. Since now, you have proper knowledge to start your online event, you will get the hang of it when you want to arrange one. However, if you are still uncertain with your skills in this field, you can always ask for Satu matahari to help you out with the task.

These are the reasons why your business does not grow.

You may think that your business plan is well-coordinated. You have a solid customer base and a great team to carry out the plan. But your profit is just stuck. You can’t see any increase on your income. Well, there are a lot of factors that can influence a company’s growth.

However, it is true that if your business does not grow, you can probably do something to change it and move your business in the right direction. Here are some reasons why your business may not grow and how you can solve the problem.

1. You and / or your employees are not well-educated

Good education is essential to function properly and to be able to develop your business. Many business owners and employees continue their training throughout their careers to keep up with the best commercial practices for their specialization. Stay updated with your current training for your employees. You may even consider offering your employees a program that allows you to pay the tuition fees for the best study programs.

2. You only follow big sales / customers

Excellent sales and customers are, of course, a great gain for all companies, and this type of sales and customers are essential for the development of the company, but their approach can limit the success of your business. Concentrate on all your existing customers and take a moment to look for different types of new customers and sales, large or small, to grow your business effectively.

3. You do not focus on your ideas.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners always think big to constantly create new ideas. This is good quality to have, but good business owners should focus on these ideas and know how to implement them in a practical way. Concentrate on your creative passions and discover which ones are really effective for you and your company.

4. You do not have specific objectives.

If you want your business to grow, you have to plan your company’s growth and then start to work it out to reach the goal. If you are still working without thinking about the future and where your company will be next year, you will stay where you are now. Make a plan where you want to take your company and how you can achieve these goals. Provide specific deadlines for the goals you want to achieve each month to keep you and your team on track.

5. Do not concentrate on repeating your activity.

The repetition of the activity is the driving force of each company. You will always look for new clients, but the usual customers are those that keeps the yur business run and help him grow. Do not forget the old customers and do everything possible to satisfy existing customers, so they keep using your service.

6. You need a better marketing plan.

You cannot get new customers and sales if people do not know where they can find it and even if it already exists. Concentrate constantly on spreading your name. Focus also on good relations with public opinion and customer comments. All these things will help your company grow and develop optimally.

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How To Promote Your Event Successfully

Marketing is essential for all events and should be addressed in a structured manner if you want to attract adequate numbers and a mix of people for your event.

The identification of your target market should have taken place at the beginning of the planning process and knowledge of your target market should guide each phase of the planning process. You should have a clear idea of ​​your potential clients in terms of who they are (age, income, interests), with whom they will live together (children, friends, partners, etc.), where they live, to what means they are exposed. (local newspapers, radio, professional magazines, etc.) and, fundamentally, what they want to have when they attend your event (relaxation, learning, family time, cultural exploration, community building, etc.)

The main objective and challenge for your marketing campaign is to create a vision of the nature / quality of the event experience and convince your audience that the event will be a positive experience. This is complicated by the fact that you cannot try an event before buying it, so it is important to keep the following in mind when promoting events:

  • The importance of video, photos, color and music.
  • The potential to use the image of celebrities, artists, speakers, locations, sponsors, destinations, etc.
  • The value of testimonies, recommendations and reviews of third parties.
  • Collection of contents and relevant stories on social networks.

All of the above helps customers know the event before buying tickets. Sites related directly to your event can be a good starting point for collecting this type of information.

Create a communication plan and select promotion methods.

Your communication plan and the selection of promotional materials are vital to convey your idea and attract potential customers for your event. You should try to start your commercialization as soon as possible and communicate through a variety of methods related to your target market.

Posters: they are a good way to convey important information about your event and attract attention. Posters should be carefully designed to show essential information without overloading with text and graphics. The essential information for the posters includes the name of the event, the date of the event, the schedules of the event, the prices of the tickets: advance levels / doors / layers, points of sale of tickets, location and address, contact number / email / website / social media details and sponsor details. Other information that may also be important may be: animators, activities, style / type of event, music policy, age restrictions, contests / auctions / lottery / prizes.

The posters must be produced in different formats (A4, A3 and A2) depending on the location of their distribution. Smaller posters can be placed in a wider variety of locations, for example, local businesses, libraries, recreation centers, etc. Larger posters are more visible at a distance where there are larger poster sites available.

Brochures: can also be used to communicate a comparable amount of information to posters, but because they are smaller (usually A5 or A6) and often double-sided, they can be distributed in different places. For example, you can ask them to leave them at local recreational facilities, retailers and even doctors’ practices, to convey the message to the people in question. They can also be published by mailboxes or by us in information packages. You should avoid spreading flyers on the street, since in many areas this is considered false flight due to the nest created often.

Event website: it can be relatively simple and inexpensive to set up a website. With the ability to provide vital information, photos and videos of events and links to social networks, your location, ticket outlets, artists and artists, a website is a very valuable item in your promotional mix.

Social networks: through the use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can communicate with a large number of people and communicate a variety of information about your event. This is an economical way to promote your event with the ability to record images, music and videos to bring your event to life. You can also use different interest groups and community groups that can help spread your event and create a new rumor. Similarly, many artists and artists have profiles and followers on social networks that can help spread information about your event.

Mention: the use of mentions, publications and websites are another way of spreading the word about your event, since they can be linked to the location itself. Many local, regional and national newspapers also use a list system (online and print). Even if you focus on a market with a special interest, many magazines have pages of event lists and there are also specific lists, publications and websites that you can access. An important consideration in all print media is the delivery time involved in their publication schedules, since some need the material months before the actual publication date.

Advertising: Depending on the geographical distribution of your target market, advertising through print media can be a means to communicate with the local public through local newspapers and community publications, or you can get away from it by advertising in national publications, whether general or specialized. Your publications You should also consider negotiating that in exchange for the purchase of ads, the publications will also include a story about your event and possibly a match.

Radio stations often also depend on certain demographic and geographic areas and many also have a role of public interest in their activities. This means that, in addition to buying ads, you can also access them for interviews, contests and the distribution of information in real time about your event.

Event organizer: There’s a time when you may not be able to handle the event by yourself. The best way to deal with this situation is by handing over the job to a professional event organizer. This event organizer will provide everything you need to hold a great event, including the promotion needed to your targeted audience.

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