6 ways in which you destroy your branding without realizing it

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Building a brand in this modern era can be quite complicated. There are a lot of companies that can’t do the right way to build their brand. Instead, they slowly killing their brand just by doing the same mistakes. You don’t have to experience the same thing if you try to avoid these 6 ways which can save your company from collapsing.

Before we discuss further, there’s a case that worth to know about how destructive social media can be to a brand. Once, a musician named Dave Caroll went on a flight with United Airlines. In the flight, he also carried his $3500 Taylor guitar.

After landing in Nebraska, Caroll found out that his guitar was broken. He demanded compensation for the airline’s negligence. However, UA management ignores Caroll’s demands. Afterward, Caroll wrote a song, which described his experience with the UA. 4 days after its release, the UA stock dropped dramatically. The UA realized its mistake. Therefore, they provide Caroll some compensations. They replace his broken guitar with the most expensive Taylor guitar and give him a free UA ticket for life.

  1. You do not have a clear purpose

Why do you want to build your brand? It is an essential question to consider as you define your voice and your goals. Too many people start trying to build their brand with the vague objective of wanting to “become an influencer”. Too often, this results in a complicated situation in which you try to be everything for all people.

  • You get involved in shameless self-promotion

Building a brand will obviously require a good amount of self-promotion. Too much self-promotion will be lost in the advertising mix. Some experts recommend that you only use 10 percent of your posts (or conversations) to self-promote. With the rest of your time, highlight interesting facts or industry news through social networks and blogs, while sharing your perspective.

  • You mix with the masses

Emphasizing your education and past work experience is not a bad thing; It is often necessary to start building credibility. But, in most industries, this will not differentiate you.

  • Sub-deliveries again and again

Too many companies have fallen into the trap of excessive promises and insufficient delivery. This can easily happen with your brand if you are not careful. While you may not promise your followers a new product, they still have certain expectations of you as you develop your influence online.

  • You have bad habits in social networks

These days, social networks are a key part of building your brand.

This is especially true for those who hope to become thought leaders in their niche. But, if you have spent some time on the internet, you know how easy it can be to get sidetracked in a controversial debate. It is better to stay away from these sensitive issues.

  • You are inconsistent

Consistency is essential when developing a marketing strategy for a company. Should not you be so consistent in developing your brand? Without consistent messages and actions, you lose a sense of identity. Worse, you can easily lose credibility and confidence.

As you learn to recognize these bad habits and take steps to correct them, you can build a strong brand that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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