These Information Will Give You Better Brand Awareness

Do you feel that your business is not having a good leads recently? Do you still run an offline business? Do you doubt to start your business online? If so, you should keep reading this article to find more reasons to have an online business.

For the last few years, internet has helped numerous business in increasing their brand recognition and also increasing their profits. Why? It’s because we live in an era where people search their needs online.

Based on the data garhered by Hootsuite in Januari 2019, there are 268.2 millions of Indonesians and 56% of them are active internet users. The number would be considered as a high-potential market to be targeted.

However, there are various channels you can use to promote your business online. You can choose one of these online marketing channels or you can use them all. Nevertheless, the marketing channels used should be chosen based on your targeted market.

As an example, a B2C business is more suitable to use twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as its marketing channel since most of end-users would use these social media platforms. However, if you intend to target a B2B market, linkedin can serve you best.

Another data revealed by Hootsuite is that 91% of people in Indonesia access the internet via their mobile phones (any type of mobile phone), while 60% of them use smart phones to do it. Unfortunately, only 22% people use laptop or personal computer to surf the web. This information alone can give you a better insight about what kind of promotion you should use and which market you should be targeted. Then what would you do if you know that 79% of  these internet users are active daily? What do they usually do?

Top 10 websites mostly visited in Indonesia (based on similarweb) are,,,,,,,,, and The 10th rank website,, has a monthly traffic of 87,200,000 with average time 4 minutes and 41 seconds per visit. In addition, these visitors access 4.1 pages with the website in average.

Then what type of promotion you should use online? Let us see top Google search queries in 2018. The first one is “Video”, followed by “Google”, ‘Translate”, “Download lagu”, “FB”, “MP3”, “Gambar”, “Youtube”, “Facebook”, and “Cuaca”.These queries are useful as your main keywords in targeting your online market.

Another important data are the social media overview. Do you know that there are 150 millions people who actively use social medias? 130 millions of them access their social media accounts through mobile devices. What does this mean? It means that you can promote your business up to 150 millions people in indonesia.

These data are important as a guideline to build a successful online marketing campaign. The more data you get, the more effective your campaign will be. The art of utilising these data in your online marketing campaign will define your success in achieving your goal. Are ready to go online?

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