Brand Activation: The Instant Way To Get Your Brand Well Known

Do you have a business? Have problems to get your company publicly recognized? Need more leads? If you have these kinds of problems, what you need in brand activation. What is brand activation? How does it work? Where can you get help to have your brand activated? Keep on reading to get more information about the topic.

First of all, what is brand activation? Brand activation is a process created to establish a better engagement between a brand and its consumers. The main goal of the process is to establish a loyal community toward the brand. The process itself can be carried out in the form of an event, campaign,  or anything that can provide a great experience worth to remember.

As one part of a brand awareness campaign, brand activation is not only proposed to new business but also well-known companies that wish to re-brand or retargeting their target market. What makes this brand activation process so important? It’s because the process is established exclusively to provide the customers amazing experience first-hand.

Any other reasons why should you use this brand activation method? A free promotion! Who wouldn’t want to get a free promotion? It means that you can save the expense to promote your business. Moreover, if you held a great event promoting your business, you will get more people who are interested to share their experience with your brand activation event in their social media accounts.

Creating a brand activation campaign is not always about luxury. The best way to create it is through creativity. One of the examples would be brand activation Mizone campaign. The event has a goal to get all youngster to get some workouts in a fun way. How did they do that? They bring in a disc jockey to a weekly sports event and gather the young people to dance with the beat.

There are several ways to activate your brand that are commonly used by major brands around the world. You can make a few changes to the brand activation ideas that suit your brand. Below are some brand activation ideas you can use for your business:

1.    Experiment

Doing an experiment can be so much fun since it can build good first-hand experience for a person. This kind of ideas was performed by one of the water sports equipment brand, Tribord. The company creates a drink, which was named “WAVE” to promote its new product, the life jacket.

The WAVE drink actually contains only sea water. The purpose of this campaign was to demonstrate a condition when someone got drowned, in a safer way. You should know that when you are drowning in the sea, your mouth will be filled with salty sea water. Thus, the campaign reminds the public that they can be exposed to the danger of drowning at sea as well.

2.    Sampling giveaway

Everybody loves free things. You can take this opportunity to gain a better awareness of your brand. If your brand is new, then a sampling campaign can promote your brand to the public and let them talk more about it.

One of the brands using this campaign is Mountain Dew in 2012. The company went to various festivals and events in a loaded truck and handed out free drinks there. This plan would be better than standing outside a train station and handing out fliers.

3.    In-store campaign

Having a brand activation event doesn’t have to involve rented public spaces. You can do it in your own business place. What you need is an idea that can provide anyone who comes to your place to interact with your products. When the visitors are satisfied with the campaign, they won’t get lost if they want to come to your workplace again.

4.    Social media campaign

Planning a brand activation campaign is not only about creating an event that can gather people in one place. You also need to promote it as well through various channel available. One of the channels that can connect you with your prospects is social media.

You can also create a brand activation program via social media. Giveaways and discount promotion can also be utilized to boost your brand. Great post on social media can attract people to share your campaign and thus spreading your brand faster on various platforms.

There are many other ways you can use to do your brand activation plan. However, if you have a problem to generate your own idea, you can always ask for professional help. Satu Matahari is a company that provides better assistance to activate your brand in the most well-planned way.

Each member in Satu Matahari team has the best experience and expertise to expose your brand in the best way possible. You can expect a great result from the job performed by this creative team. For more details about the service, feel free to communicate your need with our team.

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