Avoid Chaos At Your Music Festival Events


Music festivals are one of the star events at any time of the year and corner of the planet, and move millions of attendees who mostly repeat year after year. And attentive, because in addition to the music that they are going to listen to, attendees look for the venue they choose to be perfect.

No matter the type of festival you want to organize, in all you must take into account common mistakes that you should avoid and we will help you with some basic tips so you know how to organize a successful event and get to  avoid chaos in the place where you celebrate your event .

  1. Choose an attractive venue for fans and with the capacity to host your festival

In festivals the place where you decide to celebrate them is as attractive as the poster of artists who will participate. It is important that you choose the venue thinking about how attractive it is for your assistants, but also taking into account the logistic point of view: is it easy to access? Are there accommodation options nearby? Is it adapted for all kinds of people? What is the capacity of the enclosure?

Answer these questions before launching to reserve the venue and ensure the comfort of your assistants.

  • That there is no lack of food, drink … and a few manicured toilets

People eat, drink and go to the bathroom. These three points are as obvious as they are important and you can not leave aside these basic needs of your audience.

Your festival should have a space so that attendees can buy food and drink during the celebration of the event. In addition, a detail like a well- groomed public toilets is something that the attendees will value positively and perhaps it is the point that makes the difference so that in future editions they decide to repeat at your festival and not try the competition.

  • Diversify your programming

So that your festival is a unique experience and your attendees seek to repeat you must offer something more than music. One idea is that if your festival is held near the beach your assistants can have a discount at a local diving school, or if your event is held in the middle of nature, organize a route to know the chosen environment.

Make your holiday a plan enjoyed by all kinds of attendants: the fans of the artists who will take the stage and the accompanists for whom music is not everything.

  • It facilitates the access of the assistants

Put technology on your side for the quick access of your attendees to the venue of your festival and to control the volume of attendees . If you organize your event with Eventbrite you can take advantage of the app for organizers and have access control on your mobile and be able to view ticket sales reports at any time from anywhere.

Consider the use of RFID technology for the scanning of tickets and accreditations, because they will speed up the entries of your assistants to the place of the event and avoid waiting is something that you will be very grateful for.

  • Offers different payment methods

An important decision when you organize a project of any kind is what payment methods you will accept at the venue where you hold your event . If you are going to use cash, you will need a safe place to store it. If you accept credit cards, you must have operative datáfonos.

Keep in mind that the speed of payments translates into a reduction in queues and an increase in expenses, so many festivals opt for cashless payments thanks to RFID technology (those chip bracelets that you will have seen in many festivals) . With this system your assistants can pay for food, drink or merchandising with a simple gesture of their wrist.

Do you want to be sure that after organizing a perfect festival there is no chaos in the chosen venue? Follow these little tips and you will get the attendees want to repeat another year with your event. Or else, you can tell us your problem. Satu Matahari is more than welcome to provide you with the right help.

The best social networks for event marketing

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Before you launch yourself to share in any social network, breathe and think: what do I want to be in?

When it comes time to prepare your marketing plan for events on social networks, the fundamental step is to choose which social network you will be on .

The 4 best social networks for event marketing

How can you know which are the best social platforms to develop your marketing strategy ? The key to choosing a social network or another is to know where potential attendees of your event expect.

To know the profile of your targeted market, use the information that you get through surveys or raffles (you need your consent) and do not forget to check your results reports to see where the visitors traffic comes from your website. These are some points where you can find the best persona of your targeted market. However, there are multiple ways to gather a more detail information, which can make your intel worth.

Once you have this information, check it with the details that we give you below about the different social networks and choose where you will develop your marketing strategy.

Should we start?

1. Instagram

Instagram is the ideal social network to share photogenic events . According to Statista , this social network has reached 1,000 million active users every month worldwide . If you are on Instagram you can reach potential attendees of all kinds of events: art festivals, elegant food and wine events, dance shows … whatever you want!

According to the annual report of social networks prepared by Social Sprout, Instagram is one of the social networks in which you must undoubtedly be, for these reasons:

  • It is the social network with the highest growth in recent years, especially in 2019.
  • It is one of the most valued social networks along with Spotify, YouTube and Whatsapp.
  • If you want to set up an influencers marketing strategy , you should be on Instagram. 72% of users of the social network follow influencers, especially women of the millenial generation.
  • 94% of the top companies in the world have a profile on Instagram.

Another reason why Instagram is the fashion social network, is because of the stories . This Instagram option allows you to upload videos, photos, surveys … to your profile temporarily (it disappears at 24 hours) or make live videos to interact with your followers.

If your Instagram account has a company profile and more than 10,000 followers, you can include in the stories a link that redirects the user to the web you want.

2. Facebook

With more than 2 billion active users in the world every month , Facebook is the second most popular social network in the world, particularly in Indonesia. Though it has suffered a decrease in the number of users, but it is still the most visited social network. Users of all ages, genres and income levels navigate here.

One of the problems with Facebook is that the news bulletin board is usually very saturated with the information of all your contacts and pages. Under these circumstances, paid ads are the most reliable response for your content to reach users.

If you create your event on Facebook, you can link it to your Instagram account and spread the event to more people from this social network. Seize it!

3. Twitter

With 330 million active users per month around the world , Twitter is ideal to reach a young and tech-savvy audience .

The type of publications that predominates in this social network are current issues . There is no daily controversy that does not pass through Twitter. Although Twitter is the social network that has the highest abandonment rate, if you get your event to generate conversation among users, you can turn it viral.

A tweet reaches its maximum reach 18 minutes after publishing it and then it is quite difficult to create up to 280 characters tweet to go other tweets that  you will have to compete to go viral.

On Twitter, a suitable hashtag can become your best friend . Do you know what Trending Topic is? It is the theme of the moment, the trend that everyone talks about in this social network and of course, where you want to go with your event.

4. LinkedIn

With 250 million active users per month (40% of them use the platform every day), LinkedIn is a social network with no competition in its sector. It is a social platform to create professional connections. This social network is perfect to attract potential attendees to courses, conferences or educational and professional events.

The key in LinkedIn is to share content and events that add value to the professional profiles of users. The research carried out in this social network shows that publications have a better response when they are around 25 words in length and are published during working hours from Tuesday to Thursday .

Once you have chosen your social network, do not forget to adapt the length and tone of the messages:

  • Facebook: Close and emotional tone
  • Instagram: Personal, close and emotional tone
  • Twitter: Informal and informative tone
  • Linkedln: Close and professional tone

You can get the help you need to reach the right audience for your events from Satu Matahari as well. By providing professional help to buildb your online presence, you can find your audience in a well-mannered way, with the most efficient time and budget.

Get in touch with one of our friendly staff and we will tailor the finest strategy to activate your brand online. Our team of experts will ensure to deliver the best result that suits your needs. You can reach us by send us a message through our Contact Us page and tell us your problem so that we can provide the right help for your event. Discover the essential marketing guide for events and gather all the information you need to spread the word about your event and let everyone know what is lost if they do not buy your ticket. Prepared? Start now!

6 ways in which you destroy your branding without realizing it

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Building a brand in this modern era can be quite complicated. There are a lot of companies that can’t do the right way to build their brand. Instead, they slowly killing their brand just by doing the same mistakes. You don’t have to experience the same thing if you try to avoid these 6 ways which can save your company from collapsing.

Before we discuss further, there’s a case that worth to know about how destructive social media can be to a brand. Once, a musician named Dave Caroll went on a flight with United Airlines. In the flight, he also carried his $3500 Taylor guitar.

After landing in Nebraska, Caroll found out that his guitar was broken. He demanded compensation for the airline’s negligence. However, UA management ignores Caroll’s demands. Afterward, Caroll wrote a song, which described his experience with the UA. 4 days after its release, the UA stock dropped dramatically. The UA realized its mistake. Therefore, they provide Caroll some compensations. They replace his broken guitar with the most expensive Taylor guitar and give him a free UA ticket for life.

  1. You do not have a clear purpose

Why do you want to build your brand? It is an essential question to consider as you define your voice and your goals. Too many people start trying to build their brand with the vague objective of wanting to “become an influencer”. Too often, this results in a complicated situation in which you try to be everything for all people.

  • You get involved in shameless self-promotion

Building a brand will obviously require a good amount of self-promotion. Too much self-promotion will be lost in the advertising mix. Some experts recommend that you only use 10 percent of your posts (or conversations) to self-promote. With the rest of your time, highlight interesting facts or industry news through social networks and blogs, while sharing your perspective.

  • You mix with the masses

Emphasizing your education and past work experience is not a bad thing; It is often necessary to start building credibility. But, in most industries, this will not differentiate you.

  • Sub-deliveries again and again

Too many companies have fallen into the trap of excessive promises and insufficient delivery. This can easily happen with your brand if you are not careful. While you may not promise your followers a new product, they still have certain expectations of you as you develop your influence online.

  • You have bad habits in social networks

These days, social networks are a key part of building your brand.

This is especially true for those who hope to become thought leaders in their niche. But, if you have spent some time on the internet, you know how easy it can be to get sidetracked in a controversial debate. It is better to stay away from these sensitive issues.

  • You are inconsistent

Consistency is essential when developing a marketing strategy for a company. Should not you be so consistent in developing your brand? Without consistent messages and actions, you lose a sense of identity. Worse, you can easily lose credibility and confidence.

As you learn to recognize these bad habits and take steps to correct them, you can build a strong brand that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Satu Matahari keeps you updated with the latest information about event management and brand promotion that you can use to boost your company to a whole new level.

8 ways to get new attendees for your events

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For most event organizers or business owners, increasing the number of attendees and customers is the greatest concern. After all, this is what allows bills to be paid, right? If you’re thinking about attracting new people to your project, keep reading this article! Here you have 8  ways to get new participants for your events.

According to respondents who participated in the Trends in the Events World report in 20study on the industry trends of events in 2019,  one of the biggest challenges for event organizers is getting new attendees. What can you do to face these difficulties? Here are some tips:

  1. Change the perception that attendees have of your event

One of the simplest steps you can take to attract a new group of people to your event is to adjust the message you’re throwing to the public. A great example of this is Pride in Hull, which managed to increase its attendance from 9,000 to 50,000 people in three years by redefining itself as something for the whole family.

Matt Walton, president of Pride in Hull, commented that this incredible increase in the number of attendees in a short time was largely due to the fact that we took a big step forward in our marketing, changing the perception of what and for whom this event was.

  • Divide by segment the messages you send about your event

If you are trying to attract all kinds of audiences with a single type of message, you may not generate any impact due to the weakness of the content. One solution to this is to divide the events into sections that draw the attention of specific audiences.

Segmenting means dividing a large group of people into smaller groups and you can do based on common issues such as geographical location or hobbies. The division of your assistant’s segments lets you use custom promotional messages that will facilitate the public will remember and want to repeat.

  • Adapt the format of your event

If you organized events unfold in a traditional format, some changes could help attract a different audience.

For example, imagine that you organize an event for students similar to AULA, where the objective is for the different universities, public or private centers, and study entities to show their options. In this case, you can attract the public with more creative activities where they can show skills in fields such as painting, music or theater.

Another option for an event of this type could be to create workshops to create a CV in the video, speeches by entrepreneurs. 

  • Expand the program of your event

Events such as the Madrid Book Fair put into practice the idea that expanding the program of activities can attract new followers.

In addition to gathering publishers, booksellers and authors every year, in each edition they choose a guest country that is presented at the event, through its literature and cultural activities that discover the country to the visitors.

This action can help attract new visitors to your event, who are interested in this alternative activity that escapes the general lines.

  • Join local businesses

Joining forces with other businesses and local organizations is a great way to access new customer bases.

Having different local businesses as allies related to the theme of your event is a very effective way to reach new people who can become attendees of your event. For example, if your event is about music and gastronomy, contact local wineries to organize a wine tasting where you can present your brand on the following days.

Remember to have your objectives well defined and what counterpart you will offer to your local partners.

  • Diversify your offer of activities

Your big event, the main one, has a very specific theme: music, for example. But you can diversify your offer of activities to attract the new public by holding a series of mini-events that mobilize different profiles of people. Following the example of a music event, you can organize an acoustic session, a costume party or a reading with musical accompaniment. All these options will take your name to new people who can become ticket buyers.

  • Make your event easy to share

You must be where your audience spends more time, and that is social networks. It facilitates the purchase of tickets from applications such as Facebook or Instagram, places that many people use to discover events. In addition, it works so that word of mouth helps you get from veteran assistants who liked your last edition to new profiles that trust the word of a friend or an influencer rather than the publicity that you do directly.

  • Turn your event into an interactive plan

People love trying new things, especially if it’s something they would not normally have the opportunity to do. Suppose you have to organize a sporting event, create experiences that add up can make a difference and attract new audiences.

What kind of ideas can you apply? For example, a  virtual reality experience for people to experience a football game as if they were their favorite players or a ride on the replica of the bus that carries their favorite athletes.

There are many things that you can do to reach your potential audiences. You can either plan your event yourself or you can ask for professional help. Satu Matahari is a great resource to help you with your event.

With years of experience within the industry, Satu Matahari has provided help to multiple companies in various niches. You can expect the best result from Satu Matahari.  Our friendly staff will be at your service to communicate the perfect plan that suits your needs

Now that you know how to get new attendees for your event or clients for your business, you can continue to learn other tips from our articles keys to organize and promote the best events and projects that can boost your business to the next level.