How To Promote Your Event Successfully

Marketing is essential for all events and should be addressed in a structured manner if you want to attract adequate numbers and a mix of people for your event.

The identification of your target market should have taken place at the beginning of the planning process and knowledge of your target market should guide each phase of the planning process. You should have a clear idea of ​​your potential clients in terms of who they are (age, income, interests), with whom they will live together (children, friends, partners, etc.), where they live, to what means they are exposed. (local newspapers, radio, professional magazines, etc.) and, fundamentally, what they want to have when they attend your event (relaxation, learning, family time, cultural exploration, community building, etc.)

The main objective and challenge for your marketing campaign is to create a vision of the nature / quality of the event experience and convince your audience that the event will be a positive experience. This is complicated by the fact that you cannot try an event before buying it, so it is important to keep the following in mind when promoting events:

  • The importance of video, photos, color and music.
  • The potential to use the image of celebrities, artists, speakers, locations, sponsors, destinations, etc.
  • The value of testimonies, recommendations and reviews of third parties.
  • Collection of contents and relevant stories on social networks.

All of the above helps customers know the event before buying tickets. Sites related directly to your event can be a good starting point for collecting this type of information.

Create a communication plan and select promotion methods.

Your communication plan and the selection of promotional materials are vital to convey your idea and attract potential customers for your event. You should try to start your commercialization as soon as possible and communicate through a variety of methods related to your target market.

Posters: they are a good way to convey important information about your event and attract attention. Posters should be carefully designed to show essential information without overloading with text and graphics. The essential information for the posters includes the name of the event, the date of the event, the schedules of the event, the prices of the tickets: advance levels / doors / layers, points of sale of tickets, location and address, contact number / email / website / social media details and sponsor details. Other information that may also be important may be: animators, activities, style / type of event, music policy, age restrictions, contests / auctions / lottery / prizes.

The posters must be produced in different formats (A4, A3 and A2) depending on the location of their distribution. Smaller posters can be placed in a wider variety of locations, for example, local businesses, libraries, recreation centers, etc. Larger posters are more visible at a distance where there are larger poster sites available.

Brochures: can also be used to communicate a comparable amount of information to posters, but because they are smaller (usually A5 or A6) and often double-sided, they can be distributed in different places. For example, you can ask them to leave them at local recreational facilities, retailers and even doctors’ practices, to convey the message to the people in question. They can also be published by mailboxes or by us in information packages. You should avoid spreading flyers on the street, since in many areas this is considered false flight due to the nest created often.

Event website: it can be relatively simple and inexpensive to set up a website. With the ability to provide vital information, photos and videos of events and links to social networks, your location, ticket outlets, artists and artists, a website is a very valuable item in your promotional mix.

Social networks: through the use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can communicate with a large number of people and communicate a variety of information about your event. This is an economical way to promote your event with the ability to record images, music and videos to bring your event to life. You can also use different interest groups and community groups that can help spread your event and create a new rumor. Similarly, many artists and artists have profiles and followers on social networks that can help spread information about your event.

Mention: the use of mentions, publications and websites are another way of spreading the word about your event, since they can be linked to the location itself. Many local, regional and national newspapers also use a list system (online and print). Even if you focus on a market with a special interest, many magazines have pages of event lists and there are also specific lists, publications and websites that you can access. An important consideration in all print media is the delivery time involved in their publication schedules, since some need the material months before the actual publication date.

Advertising: Depending on the geographical distribution of your target market, advertising through print media can be a means to communicate with the local public through local newspapers and community publications, or you can get away from it by advertising in national publications, whether general or specialized. Your publications You should also consider negotiating that in exchange for the purchase of ads, the publications will also include a story about your event and possibly a match.

Radio stations often also depend on certain demographic and geographic areas and many also have a role of public interest in their activities. This means that, in addition to buying ads, you can also access them for interviews, contests and the distribution of information in real time about your event.

Event organizer: There’s a time when you may not be able to handle the event by yourself. The best way to deal with this situation is by handing over the job to a professional event organizer. This event organizer will provide everything you need to hold a great event, including the promotion needed to your targeted audience.

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